Sunny Skies in Singapore

Monday, 3 December 2012
Things are better and I'm feeling 90%. There is a short break in the JMComm 2012 conference this morning so I'm taking just a moment to contemplate this gorgeous setting. I am pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous it is in Singapore. Granted, I'm spending time in likely the most gorgeous parts of the city (downtown, near the bay) but wow, it is tidy, clean and the vegetation is beyond amazing.

The Ft. Canning Hotel (conference venue) is surrounded by the Ft. Canning park and the setting is breathtaking. I can understand why everything is very green and lush because the rain fall is heavy and often. Just like other tropical locations, people just bring an umbrella and use it as needed. As quickly as the rain starts, it stops and the sun returns. This lends to a very humid climate and sad hair days but luckily academics aren't that concerned with looks. :)

I cannot wait to get outside and take photos. 

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