Running - Week 1 Update

Thursday, 17 January 2013
I've decided to become a runner this year, as I've mentioned before. Week 1 of training is complete and I'm into week two. I can already feel my muscles getting tighter and my lungs are getting stronger. I haven't noticed any weight loss but I haven't weighed myself. I'm not focusing on weight loss but instead the true goal: to become healthier and stronger rather than just skinnier.

Because I'm very intimidated by training and running, I decided to start a video diary to track the process and stay accountable somewhat. Here are some thoughts from Week 1:

Last night was my best training session yet. I run by myself with my iPhone and listen to upbeat music. Yesterday I was stressed out (this is my most difficult semester in the PhD program so far) and feeling almost angry - for no reason. Instead of sulking when I got home, I put a Cornish Hen and veggies into the oven to roast and went for a hard 20 minute run. I felt great! It was raining and 38 degrees or I would have gone for a longer time. When I got back, I stretched and almost magically I no longer felt stressed out. Win!

To be fair, however, I'm a sort of lazy being when it comes to physical activity. Ha! Therefore, I have to convince myself every time to get out and hit the pavement. It is still not a "habit" to lace up and go for a run but when I DO I'm very pleased with my efforts. Running, so far, is rewarding. Do you exercise regularly? Play a sport? Run/walk? Post your advice, pretty please!

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~C~ said...

I like your videos.
I joined the YMCA this month after a couple of years of inactivity. It has been really hard to just do the things I used to do there a couple of years ago. I had to decrease the amount of weights on all the lifting machines and I cannot do the elliptical machines with the same intensity or duration that I used to. But it feels good to try. And it feels good to just do something. I'm looking forward to feeling healthier, shedding a few pounds, and just increasing my level of activity as a lifestyle change!