Happy Birthday to Mom

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
Mom had a special birthday this year and even though she didn't really want to celebrate it, we surprised her with some nice things on Saturday. I traveled to Columbus and we made reservations for dinner at Hyde Park on the Cap. Before going to dinner mom opened her gifts.

When it was time to go, Dannen, mom and dad and I went out to the garage to get in the car. The garage door was up, however and there was a surprise waiting in the driveway. Mom laughed when she saw it.

We decided to order a stretch limo for mom and have champagne chilling inside for the ride downtown! I even arranged for Elvis Radio to be playing on Pandora and we danced as we toasted to mom (okay, she and I danced but Dannen and dad had fun as well). 

James helped with the preparations by picking out a bottle of bubbly and chilled it for the ride. We enjoyed the taste! 

Because the lighting was low in the limo and I wasn't using a flash, it was a bit difficult to get clear pictures but the self portrait option worked fairly well. I snapped a few of mom and dad but unfortunately they turned out to be a little blurry. 

We picked up James on the way to the restaurant and once everyone went in, I smuggled a flower arrangement and a cake from Pattycake Bakery (North High Street) into the lobby. 

The hostesses were amazing! They moved quickly and placed the flowers on the table and the cake in the back. Mom didn't notice and both were nice surprises for her. 

Our dinner was amazing and the steak and sides were perfectly prepared. We ordered a gorgeous bottle of Pinot Noir that was featured on the menu. Every last drop was delicious. 

Finally the waitress brought out the cake which read, "Happy Birthday, Debbie!" and everyone tried a piece. I ordered Coconut Cloud because mom likes coconut. Yummy. The evening was a fun celebration for our special Momma who always makes life exciting and fun for us! 

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