Shopping at North Market

Sunday, 24 February 2013
I went to Columbus this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday with my brother, father and James. We had so much fun and even though James wasn't feeling well (he's such a trooper), the celebration was unique and special. 

One of the highlights (other than than mom's b-day evening which I'll post about later) was shopping for dinner with James at Columbus' North Market. We strolled through the market stalls looking for something appetizing. Truly everything looked tasty and it was interesting to see what was on offer for the evening. We finally settled on freshly made, gorgeous, smoked mozzarella and three sausage ravioli with a roasted red pepper garlic sauce. 

The best part for me was stopping by the cheese monger stall. He helped us pick out a blue cheese, mild brie and lovely Romano for the pasta. David (I think?) is knowledgable and passionate about cheese and we had a nice time discussing the different choices. We prepared the pasta as directed and enjoyed the cheese as an appetizer. James opened a lovely bottle of bubbles and we had fun just being together.

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