Thursday, 7 March 2013
It is supposed to get up to 50F degrees in Knoxville today but I have my doubts. Today was one of those mornings that I was thankful I'm no longer a news reporter. It was freezing while walking from the commuter lot to the Communications Building. Eeeks. I underestimated the chill in the air.

This weekend we "spring forward" for daylight saving time and the glow of dusk will last longer into the evenings. Every time the seasons change, I feel a quickening of my heart. I love experiencing four seasons and cherish each one for different reasons. I must say, though, springtime is my favorite time of the year. All of nature is waking up after a long snooze and there's such energy in the air.

The birds around my house seem to already be celebrating the anticipation of warmth. They flock to my feeder and I've noticed more varieties than usual. Of course the silly grey squirrels are there, quirky as ever and getting fatter by the day on the bird seed I put out for the birds.

Bringing in the trash cans and recycling cans this week, I looked at the front of my house from the street, imagining what I'm going to do to the front flower beds. I envision new, fresh red mulch, green ornamental grasses and maybe even lavender bushes. Spring just smells good and the slight heat from the sun soothes the soul.

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