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Sunday, 21 April 2013

One result of the PhD pursuit is that I spend a lot more time at home. No problem because I am a home-body anyway. I love the house that I own; my garden, my bedroom, my deck and my cozy living room are safe, happy spaces.

The other reason I spend so many evenings at home has to do with a true lack of time and money to be anywhere other than at home (studying). There’s always reading to do, grading to complete and a research paper to write. I digress…

An amazing entertainment is on the market that has made a big difference to this grad student at least… is Redbox. Movie rentals are just $1.20 per evening. Woohoo.

I watched this year’s Oscar Awards with my friends Hillary and Jessalynn. While we watched, we took note of the movies we wanted to see and this spring I’ve watched a few of them when they come out on Redbox.

I’m fairly critical of movies because they are just so expensive these days (they are produced on huge budgets so what do we expect?) and take a lot of time to watch. Therefore, I feel it is okay to give an honest opinion of flicks. It’s the entertainment industry.

Disclaimer: My opinion is not the right opinion. This is just an overview of the pros/cons of certain movies as I see them:

Les Miserables – Amazing, passionate acting. It’s hard enough to sing without acting and emotion. This cast nails it! The “musical style” movie is hard to get used to at first but it was beautifully shot and the costumes/scenery design was impeccable. The lighting by the way is… PERFECT. (I’m such a good lighting fan.) However, Russell Crowe cannot sing at all. The movie could have been really great...

 DJango – Jamie Foxx is a great actor in the movie. Samuel Jackson was just creepy. I’m a Tarantino fan because he is not just a successful writer, he also skillfully directs his vision onto the big screen. Yes, this was violent but viewers know that before they start the movie. The ending is somehow happy.

SkyFall – Too long, boring and a sad, strange ending. Not worth the time. Poor Bond looks terrible (some have told me that is the point but come on... that's part of watching this, right?).

Zero Dark 30 – This was my favorite movie of Oscar choices. I have a penchant for “real” stories and this flick, while not that easy to watch because of the content, has great pacing and smart acting. This is an interesting story that of course, is better than fiction. 

The Sessions – Another movie that is based on a true story. Helen Hunt appears naked in a scene or two in this movie and she does so with such confidence! I liked the acting and story pacing. The movie was entertaining and a nice look back at the 70s. If a sexual story lines bug you, skip this one. (It's about a sexual surrogate for poet Mark O'Brian who had an iron lung.) If not, enjoy...

 Life of Pi – I loved reading this book years ago. The acting was great and the animations of the tiger on the boat were top notch. The movie went on and on. It could have been shorter.

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LizP said...

I am the only person I know who liked Skyfall. :-)