Monkey River Tour

Monday, 1 April 2013
Our guide, Delwin, was born and raised in Monkey River, Belize. The community is very small, located at the mouth of Monkey River.

He started our private boat tour by pointing out a young Blue Heron and a Great Egret. We took this as a good sign for spotting wildlife throughout the day.

Along the way we saw an incredible variety of birds, Mangroves, King Palms, Saber trees and even crocodiles! The best part, however, came during our hike through the jungle. Delwin pulled the boat onto a steep beach in front of a small clearing in the trees. After applying more bug spray, we began walking on a narrow path that led into the trees. (Check out the huge variety of Bamboo in the picture below.)

Our guide carried a machete with him and I was a little too creeped out to ask him why. In the distance, we could hear strange roars and as we walked the sound became louder. We were on the hunt for Howler Monkeys!

Delwin started walking faster and stopped along the way to show us a Blue Crab shell. (It is a land crab that digs almost 7 inch across holes in the ground.) When a Blue Crab dies, its shell turns white.

As got closer to the howling, our adrenaline spiked. The roaring in the distance was coming from the monkeys.  They were apparently trying to get rid of an errant male Howler that was too close to their territory. Soon, we were right under the monkeys and the noise was deafening. They were growling and roaring and shrieking! Delwin told us that the movie producers for Jurasic Park actually used calls from Howler Monkeys as the dinosaur noises in the movie. I believe him. They were very difficult to capture in a photo. The picture below shows a circular form in the center and slightly to the left. That's a Howler Monkey.

On the way back to meet with the boat captain that would take us back to our lodge, we saw a female Comerant sunning on a branch as well as a Bare-Throated Heron. The weather was hot but lovely.

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