The Nashville 1/2 Marathon

Monday, 6 May 2013
I set a goal for myself in January as I try to do every year. This year I hoped to complete a 1/2 marathon in less than 4 hours. On April 26th, I did so in Nashville (total time was 3.30)!

The marathon was actually very fun. Races like this have thousands of volunteers who set up along the race route and hold signs, play live music and pass out Gatorade, water and snacks. The best part is that they offer encouraging words along the way such as: "You can do! Keep going! Well done! You guys are my heroes!" Check out this video of some of the supporters:

It was pouring rain as soon as we got off the bus to go to the starting line. I was still pretty positive at that point and went into a Panera Bread to wait in a very long line for the bathroom. As I was coming out, the finish truck was moving on down the line and my "coral" (the group of people I start with) was moving toward the start line. We were the 29th group to begin and the emcee counted us down.

The rain was really coming down at that point but as soon as we got started, I stopped freezing to death and kept my head down somewhat so the water would roll off the bill of my hat. As my father predicted, the first 6 to 8 miles were pretty simple. I didn't run the entire time but I did walk part of every mile. I made a pact with myself that no matter how tired I was, I would always at least jog down-hill, letting gravity help me along.

After mile 1, I found a nice, big blue poncho with a hood. (The more serious runners get moving and start shedding layers as they go). After I put that on, I warmed up even more and even though my clothes were soaking wet, I wasn't uncomfortable. Water did slosh in my shoes for the entire 13.1 miles so that was miserable but I just tried to stop thinking about it after a while.

I was super happy when I finished but - oh wow. The last two miles were difficult. My feet started hurting in the same spot on both feet and the back side of my left knee was pretty bad. Overall, though I was shocked that I did so well and broke into a smile several times during the race. I didn't stick with my training as well as I'd planned on but mental determination really helped. I can't wait to try again but really get strong for it. 


~C~ said...

Congratulations! Huge accomplishment that I hope to achieve one day. I just finished week 6 of Couch to's a start. :)

AK said...

Wow, honey. SO proud of you. Is there anything you can't do? xo

M said...


It is really good! :)you inspire me !