The Aqua on The Amazon

Monday, 3 June 2013

Part of our trip in Peru included time on the water - The AMAZON! It was beyond amazing and partially that was because of our awesome digs. The Aqua is a gorgeous ship with room for 23 guests and a fairly large crew. 

A group of us were hard-core birders so we'd wake up at 5:30am for a 6am bird watching trip along the banks of the Amazon. The sunsets were beyond gorgeous and at that hour the bugs were still sleeping. The rides out on the skiffs were so peaceful. 

You can see from the above picture that the water is fairly muddy and at times even black. That is because of the rotting vegetation. Nothing smelled bad it was just very dark water coming out of some of the small tributaries. 

Early one morning we cruised past this fisherman from a local village checking the catfish lines. He caught two nice-sized fish and was pretty happy. His boat had a wet well in the bottom and that's where he'd keep his catch while moving down the river. 

We saw some amazing wildlife along the way and the birding again was fantastic. Sadly I didn't upgrade to a telephoto lens before this trip so I wasn't able to get the birds up-close but we saw Macaws of different sorts, parrots and parakeets! 

Occasionally we would slowly go past a little sleepy village. The people weren't sleeping, mind you, the women usually already had their laundry out on the line and one young boy was working on a small canoe. It looked like he was "carving" it himself.

I loved coming back from these special morning outings to The Aqua. Inside the crew was already anticipating our arrival with hot coffee and a fantastic fresh breakfast in the dining room surrounded by views of the mighty Amazon waking up.

The cabins on the ship were huge (relatively speaking) with California King sized beds, a decent-sized shower, closet, vanity and even a small sitting area. The best part, which I failed to take a picture of but you can sort of see in the above photo was the amazing picture windows in each cabin. You could lie in bed and watch the fantastic nature surrounding the Amazon without even donning sunscreen or bug spray. Ha! 

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Lee Elder said...

Wow, what an amazing trip you had.