Comps - One Down, Three to Go

Wednesday, 21 August 2013
Yesterday I was up early, did a few yoga moves, went over my notes and headed to school. I was seated in a large room alone in front of a computer that only allows word processing by 9am. For the next four hours I wrote about the First Amendment: its importance theoretically and historically and what it means to journalism, how it applies to what journalists seek to do and its relevance to social media. I poured my brain and heart into that answer and I ended up with eight solid pages addressing the question. I even remembered all 20 citations.

I'm so glad that I'm finished with at least one comprehensive exam question. This morning I'm studying for number two. I take it Thursday morning so there's not much time to blog. I'm glad that I studied for comps throughout the summer. I'm happy with answer number one but I have no idea if it will be good enough for my committee. What did I leave out? Should I have dug deeper when considering the philosophical foundation of the First Amendment? We shall see. Now back to studying...

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