Kayaking the Mangroves

Saturday, 10 August 2013
My uncle Stacey found a cool spot called Robbie's near Islamorada that has shopping, boat rental and a restaurant. It was great because we could enjoy the great weather and plan a get-away on the water. 

We decided to rent kayaks (me, dad, Dannen, Stacey, Vic and Lauren) to take out to a small island and then tour the mangroves nearby.

Dannen was the "mission leader" and I was in charge of communications (I brought my cell phone). Lauren was super fast on the way over but the paddling was wonderful. The water in the keys is pristine and fairly calm. 

It took us about 45 minutes to get to the island and we docked near Water Street. The island still has some footprints of old structures from when people lived on the island. 

The place is now a state park so it is protected from development. Because it is small it didn't take us long to explore the island. The vegetation was gorgeous and I was just dreaming about living there. Ha!

My favorite part of the kayak tour was going through the dense mangroves. I was able to observe similar mangroves while on the Amazon with James and his family but we didn't get a chance to get very close. This was fascinating. The roots of mangroves are so strong! 

We really enjoyed seeing the wildlife and feeling like we were really out in the wild! 

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