Blackberry Farm with Casey and Ryan

Saturday, 2 November 2013
One of the best parts of October for me was a fantastic visit from my best friend Casey. She is engaged to Ryan and they came into Knoxville to hang out. They stayed at Blackberry Farm for a couple of night so James and I joined them for an afternoon to tour the property and have dinner at the Barn.  

We sat outside behind the main house and shared a glass of wine. The weather was just starting to change so it was in the 70s that day. 

The Barn is a relatively new addition to the property but is a nice venue for dinner. The best part is the wine cellar in the basement. Casey asked for a tour so we got to look around. 

You can find llamas, horses, sheep and truffle dogs on the farm. These puppies are an interesting breed and can hunt and find Black Perigord Truffles. There are only 450 of these dogs in the United States and Blackberry Farm uses them to hunt for truffles at a nearby orchard. Yes, you can even order your own truffle puppy from Blackberry Farm - for a small fee of $5,000.

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