Happy Halloweeeeen

Friday, 1 November 2013
James and I stopped over in Bangkok on our way back to the US. The St. Regis was having a champagne dinner on Halloween. They called it "Bubbling Inferno," - clever, right? I knew about it ahead of time so I brought a green dress, green eyeshadow and a few green SNAKES. The invitation to dinner asked that diners where a costume of some sort to be entered into a contest. I love dressing up so I went for it. 

First, I had to somehow pin my hair up. I didn't plan ahead by practicing the Medusa hair do so I was improvising… James thought it was all bizarre so he took a picture of the process in motion:

After 45 minutes of hair, makeup, and trying to get snakes to stay in my hair, this is what I ended up with:

Pretty creepy but it was SO fun getting ready. James is easily embarrassed (even after dating me for a year and a half!) so he was sort of hiding when we went down for dinner...

The decorations were fantastic and our meal was lovely. They served Moet & Chandon's Imperial Champagne, rose champagne, and a 2002 vintage champagne. We LOVED the vintage. The best part of the night? I actually won 2nd place for costume! The prize was a bottle of Moet & Chandon's Imperial Champagne. Such a fun night. Hope your Halloween was fun too. xo

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