Heavenly Spa, Westin Phuket

Monday, 11 November 2013
JMComm 2013 was in Phuket, Thailand this year and because it was scheduled during October, we didn't get to see much of the city because it poured rain every day (rainy season). One bonus during a situation like this is a hotel with a spa. Since the prices in Thailand are relatively low compared to other international cities, we decided to book a treatment.

Even the lobby of the Heavenly Spa (Westin) was cool. It is surrounded by a structure made out of wood.

We were greeted with a cold towel (it is very hot and humid in Phuket) and a glass of cold herbal tea. 

This was served in the relaxation lounge which is shaped like an oval and has the same natural fiber roof as the lobby. We admired the cool furniture and relaxed listening to quiet spa tunes.

When it was time for our appointment, James and I were led upstairs to the "Harmony" room. Two specialists were waiting for us in the beautiful space. As they directed us to changing areas, I already felt tension starting to roll off my shoulders. The topical imbibed music and subtle aromatherapy of the room signified a well designed spa concept. 

Our treatment began with an intimate foot washing ceremony where the masseuses dipped out toes in warm water containing rose petals and a slice of lemon. We opted for the "Heavenly Massage." As you might expect, in Thailand the massages incorporate Thai style massage but these techniques were like none I've experienced. 

Each part of the body was treated with warm compresses in the shape of a ball. The technician would roll the hot cloth gently, then with increasing pressure, in a circular motion over the muscle group of focus. Once the area was warmed up with the compress, then hot oil was applied, followed by a deep tissue massage. It should be said that this type of massage is not for the sensitive. The spherical compresses are HOT but applied with skill.

We were pretty impressed with our experience. Who would've thought the spa at the Westin in Phuket would be one of our favorites? If you get a chance to try Thai massage of any kind, go for it.

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