My Trip to Missouri

Tuesday, 5 November 2013
One of the best ways I spent my summer was to visit my grandmother and grandfather in St. Joseph, Missouri. I decided to go just after my cousin Amanda gave birth to her second son. Certainly the highlight was seeing little Grant and all of us being together to chat with my aunt and uncle and my cousins - but most of my time was spent visiting and spending time with my grandma and grandpa. Here's little Grant:

Here's a picture of my grandpa (Grant's great-grandpa) meeting him. 

And my grandmother held Grant and even gave him part of his bottle. He was just days old when we met him but he was already strong and happy. 

One day we went to a few yard sales in St. Joseph. It was like a treasure hunt! My grandfather is a skilled woodworker and can do amazing detail work on furniture and other pieces to restore them to their former glory. This is a hobby for him now (my grandparents are in their mid 80s) and he enjoys redoing pieces. Grandpa restored this lovely baby buggy, making it fully functional again:

Grandma and I really enjoyed looking at recipes, talking about what her life was like when she was growing up, walking in her garden, AND learning about probiotics. She learned of the concept in one of her herb meetings so we both started tomatoes. You just chop tomatoes, add basil, a little onion, a pinch of sugar and some sea salt and mix with a bit of culture starter. This needs to be in a glass jar and it needs to be sealed with a plastic lid. Vegetables with probiotics are easier on the digestive system and have other health benefits.

We also had a special lunch together one afternoon. Grandma and I stopped by Panera and if you haven't had the pumpkin soup yet - try it. It is delicious! We also ordered a strawberry scone to split and just had a great time talking and laughing. I'm looking forward to visiting again next year. My grandparents are really fun to be around! I'm especially thankful for their support and encouragement.

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