The Golden Mount, Wat Saket

Saturday, 9 November 2013
I failed to explain a few posts back that "Wat" means "temple" in Thai. We also took a tour around Wat Saket. It is an important monastery in Thailand's modern history. As we went through the property, we saw several monks and also noticed people climbing the 181 stairs to give the monks gifts and worship.  The stairs to the top are surrounded by lush, beautiful grounds.

King Rama I apparently performed the Royal bathing ritual at Wat Saket in 1782. After that he officially established himself the Kingdom's new ruler. 

The domed top of the Golden Mount is impressive. Many people go there to worship.

One of the most amazing parts of The Golden Mount is the beautiful views. There's also a different vibe when you climb all of the stairs and are high above the city. Most people keep their voices to a whisper and the breeze is fresh and cool. 

The stairs go to the top in a sort of long spiral on the outside of the structure. Around every turn there is a set of bells which worshipers ring on the way back down to celebrate worshipping the Buddha.

We enjoyed out tour and thought our guide from East and West (Tawee) was great. 

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