Thanksgiving Flowers

Wednesday, 18 December 2013
My father pointed out to me politely that I haven't been updating my blog. He pulled it up on his smart phone and said, "November 20th." That was apparently the last time I blogger. Yikes. I'm falling down on my (unpaid) job. 

I was extra busy during the last part of November and beginning of December. It is always this way at the end of the semester. There are projects to grade, finals to give, final grades to calculate, dissertation proposals to write… 

Thanksgiving was so much fun. Mom and I cooked and cooked and James shared the holiday with me, my brother and my father. Besides all of the cooking, Mom and I made a flower arrangement. We started with a footed, glass container and added cranberries, flower foam and moss to cover the top. 

Next, we prepped the roses (as Martha would) by cutting them to approximately the right length under running water. We also removed some of the outside petals that looked a bit tired. 

We then started in the middle of the container, placing roses, apples, and greenery as well as pieces of grapevine. We thought the colors looked pretty together. 

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