Colonia, Uruguay

Wednesday, 29 January 2014
Our guide Karen showed us around Colonia on a lovely, quiet, weekday morning. The small city by the water was almost empty because the visitors to this town usually arrive on the weekend from Argentina and have to get back to work on Mondays.

Colonia was founded by Portugal and is located on the Rio de la Plata. It faces Argentina and has about 22,000 inhabitants. Here, you can see Spanish style colonial buildings, and cobbled streets, as well as structures built in the Portuguese style. There is a noticeable difference between Spanish and Portuguese constructed streets. They're both laid using the same stone found on the peninsula but the Portuguese streets have a low point in the center for water to run down and the Spanish style streets slopes to the outsides so for water drains down the sides, toward the river.

Colonia's people began restoring the area in the 1970s and it was established as a UNESCO site in 1995. While visiting, you do feel like you've stepped back in time a bit. There are so many old cars here and most are still working!

We ate lunch at a fantastic place by the "plaza" called Meson de la Plaza. The food is rustic and homemade and the atmosphere was authentic. James and I agreed that we could have spent a whole day and evening exploring the jewel that is Colonia on the river. 

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