Tasty Tuesday on WVLT, Knoxville

Friday, 28 March 2014
I have always wanted to help out on a cooking show and my dream came true this month. WVLT-TV (CBS) in Knoxville has started a fun segment called "Tasty Tuesday" where viewers can come on the show and share an easy recipe. The idea is to bring in dishes that can be made quickly by working parents for their families during the week. 

Because I'm trying to eat more meals that are meat-free, I decided to share my Southwest Sweet Potato recipe. I adapted this recipe from one I found on Pinterest and I think it is pretty tasty. It is certainly easy to make with only a microwave needed for cooking (you can also bake the potatoes in the oven, of course).

For two people:

2 medium sweet potatoes
1 can black beans (rinsed)
1/4 of a medium red onion, chopped
1/4 cup Cilantro or italian flat leaf parsley (pick leaves and then tear onto potato)
1/2 cup fat free sour cream or plain greek yogurt
fresh lime juice
1 cup salsa
cracked pepper

Just bake the potato, open it on a plate, mash slightly and pile on the toppings! I heated the beans and cooked the onions in a microwave safe dish and a little bit of water for one and a half minutes.

You can watch the Tasty Tuesday segment that I got to be a part of by clicking on the link here: http://www.local8now.com/home/headlines/Southwest-Sweet-Potato-For-Tasty-Tuesday-249630561.html

Lauren Davis and Mark Packer are fun hosts and we had a great time! Ted Hall also made a cameo appearance.

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Lee Elder said...

I'm sure folks in Knoxville enjoyed seeing you back on TV again.