A Favorite Escape

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Earlier this year, my mom and dad went to Bald Head Island and invited me to join them. Because of school, I was able go over for the weekend. This is one of my favorite places to escape to! While the island now gets fairly busy around the marina and country clubs in the summer, late spring and early fall is fantastically private and serene. 

As soon as I disembark from the ferry and see "Old Baldy" (the lighthouse), I have a sense of calm. The lighthouse has stood here since the 1800s, alerting ships to the shallow water on the other side of the island. 

My mom and I really enjoy walking the beach and during this trip, we only passed two or three people the entire time we were out there. We picked up seashells and driftwood (I'm into driftwood art and have tried my hand at a few designs… maybe I'll share them here later) and just enjoyed the sounds of the waves. When the tide was out, we found a patch of hundreds of seashells. Many were broken but we carefully looked through them, saving a few. 

The weather wasn't perfect but it was warm enough and slightly overcast so we didn't suffer any sunburns.

Another favorite activity on Bald Head Island for my family is the evening "nature walk" or drive. This time we were staying on the golf course so just after the golfers were finished for the evening, we would walk a few holes toward the Bald Head Island Club to check on an osprey nest. The nest had hatchlings that would tweet when the parents were fishing nearby. They sounded hungry! The other regularly spotted wildlife (besides deer) are the alligators on the island. Dad was being brave and walked up fairly close to one. 

I was able to snap a closeup shot of the fascinating creature. We did keep our distance because even though this one was probably less than five feet long, I wasn't going to take any chances! I'm looking forward to visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina again soon. 

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