Casey's wedding

Wednesday, 7 May 2014
Highlight of the year: my best friend Casey's wedding at Sea Island, Georgia. She hosted a luxurious, intimate dinner party for 20 people after a gorgeous ceremony in a private chapel at a sea side resort. I loved every minute and wish I could go back and experience the cocktail hour and dinner in the wine cellar with friends again and again. 

Here's a picture of the gorgeous bride ready for photographs (can you believe that dress!?!?):

She asked us to wear a navy blue, short, bridesmaid dress and luckily all of the maids (3 of us) chose similar styles. I wore a dress from JCrew's bridal line and donned a lovely new necklace from James (blue tanzanite from Africa - love…) as well as dark grey, shimmer, open-toed vintage heels with little blue clip-on ribbons with rhinestones ordered from an artist on Etsy. 

The ceremony was intimate and romantic. I cried the entire time because I was so struck by Casey's beauty and the love that this sweet couple have for each other. 

Look at those two! I wish I could communicate properly via blog how stylish Casey and Ryan are. Alas… back to my own reality. James had fun over the weekend too. He was able to walk on the beach at the resort and relax until the festivities. Loved that he wore a blue tie that matched the wedding party!  (He was so handsome and charming!)

The wedding reception dinner was beyond words. We found specialized menus at all of our places and napkins that matched the colors of the wedding party. 

We ate dinner in the wine cellar located in the main building (The Cloister) of the resort. It was absolutely spectacular. The ambiance was beyond perfect, the service impeccable, and the chef even came out between courses to explain the menu. Swoon…. 

Ryan and Casey will be living in Nashville. She is an Oncologist at a special practice and Ryan works as a Physicist at Vanderbilt (Is there a more perfect couple?). I am so proud of my friends and VERY thankful that they included us for their special day and weekend. 


Casey said...

Aww, thank you my love. It was an honor to have you there.

Denae said...

I think we should go back for your 5th anniversary!