London Town

Saturday, 10 May 2014
We spent a great day on Tuesday visiting a few of the hot spots in London that neither of us have been to. I lived in London while earning my Master's Degree and James studied at Oxford for a summer while earning law degree so we have both been around the city. Because of that, we decided to go Southwark Cathedral which is the oldest cathedral in London. It is believed that there was a church on the site since 605 AD.

James and I also decided to take a boat ride from Camden to Little Venice. It was so much fun. We learned about a different culture while on the water. There are entire communities living on the waterways and the boats are adorable. 

The best part of the day (besides seeing new corners of London) was meeting up with my sweet friends that are colleagues from my graduate degree days. Michiel, Kerry, and Jocelyn came after work to have drinks with me and James at a great pub off of Oxford street. We enjoyed catching up and hearing about everyone's careers and life plans. 

Jocelyn suggested a very fun place for dinner: Bubble Dogs (the website is super cute if you have time to check it out). We went there for champagne and tater tots! What a great combination. It was crowded but we got in for a taste and then went off to dinner at another spot. London is busy and full of high-energy that is catching.

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