The Glamper (Serro Scotty, 1964)

Friday, 9 May 2014
I completely blame the online site, Pinterest for my growing obsession with vintage travel trailers. On the site, you can create a "board" (just like a real life bulletin board) and then "pin" pictures and ideas on it. I started a "secret" board for vintage campers and shopped Craigslist (online want ads) every day for weeks before I found this little beauty, located in Chattanooga:

It was "born" in 1964 and is the classic sort of "canned ham" style originally designed with a full size bed, a fold down table, small refrigerator, sink, and stove. I was lucky to get it for a fair price and even took pictures of the exciting delivery! (That's my back yard.)

Right off the bat, I had plans to redesign and renovate the interior. This was a great project for me because besides when I'm on campus teaching, I working on my dissertation and research all day in my home office by myself. This gave me an excuse to take a break and get out for at least two hours a day to work on the camper. 

The interior was painted a dark tan color throughout and had linoleum flooring. I ripped up the floor on the first day and was excited to open the windows and feel how breezy it can be inside. There's even a "sun roof" or window  in the ceiling. I don't have a ton of "before" pictures but here's one:

There is a movement that is sort of trendy across the U.S. with women buying vintage travel trailers like this one and renovating them into "Glampers." "Glamper" stands for glamorous camper. :) That was what I was going for when I found white, airy curtains, painted the interior white, used fun fabric to bring texture to the walls, and added stainless steel lamps. I painted the fold out table silver and added these cute folding chairs. (They can even be used outdoors when necessary as they are synthetic material.)

The bedroom area still has some work to do. I'd like to create a more "fitted" cover for the futon mattress and I have ordered pillows in coral to give it a pop of color. I am also working on the same bunting (see above picture) to hang on the other side of the space and above the door that is designed of white, coral, and turquoise felt triangles, hung on a sisal cording with clothes pins. 

The best part is that my mom came up with an idea for my dad to build a new, oak countertop for the Glamper with an under-mount stainless steel sink and new faucet. Can you believe that!? He has already finished it and I'm in the process of staining it. I'm so excited to install it all! (Below picture doesn't show the new countertop or sink but I've already purchased a new microwave. The stove was removed already and I'd rather not have a stove inside the unit because of fire. 

The automotive paint for the project also came in and I took a day to tape off and paint the exterior. Supposedly this is a popular and appropriate color for the 1964 models. A couple of my good girlfriends are sort of "outdoorsy" and supportive of the Glamper. We hope to spend a couple of weekends with it on one of East Tennessee's beautiful lakes this summer. They have kayaks and a paddle board as well as tents so it should be fun. My idea is to be sure and camp at a park on the water that has a full bath house so we can still shower. Glamping can go only so far. 


~C~ said...

How cute, I love it. Inside and out. So much fun! Enjoy :)

Denae said...

Thank you so much. This was a bit of a strange venture but I've enjoyed having something to work on.