Holiday Wreath DIY

Friday, 14 November 2014
My grandmother and mother have always been amazing flower arrangers. It is a fun hobby for them and through the years, my mother has taught me how to arrange flowers. We create fun arrangements for our holiday dinners and the occasional birthday. For a gathering this week I decided to try my hand at putting together a a "live" wreath. I wired two grapevine wreaths together to begin the project.

I then went around my neighborhood and scavenged grasses, pinecones, greenery, and also found cat tails! The next step was to add them, piece by piece, into the wreath. Some of the items easily slipped into twigs of the grapevine and I wired the pinecones on using floral wire. This all worked nicely and gave the wreath different textures. 

I left this out on the porch overnight so that the greenery would stay cool. The day of the gathering, I added sunflowers, mums, and red pears. These were attached using floral picks. 

As a finishing touch, I added orange berries and I think that helped finish the look. I paid approximately $12 for the flowers, $5 for the pears, $20 for the wreath (it can be reused) and $5 in supplies. I gathered the other materials from nature! It was approximately $40 for the wreath but I'm sure if I were to buy this from a florist it would cost a fortune. Plus, I had fun putting it together. 

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