The Next Step

Saturday, 15 November 2014
It is time for me to take my own advice and start a blog/website that is professionally oriented and discusses my research, teaching strategies, and media thoughts. I would also like to open my own social media accounts to coincide with a professional stance regarding media.

The teachers of the Media Writing labs at the University of Tennessee had a recent meeting with Dr. Jim Stovall and he reminded us that people in the academic industry are working specifically on blogs or websites designed to showcase research, teaching styles, or a topic of some sort. For instance: Am I trying to get a job? Am I trying to highlight my research? My website should center on that.

I've recently applied to several academic jobs and went through a couple of initial interviews. I'm just wondering who we know that has constructed a sort of online resume/CV that works in the academic job application process. If you have examples, please post here. The greenhorns need to know.

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