Sydney, Australia

Saturday, 13 December 2014
James enjoys traveling and plans some amazing trips for us. We are traveling to Australia and New Zealand for the Christmas break (finals have been given and grades posted). The flight was 15 hours from L.A. but in business class (thank you Delta miles!) it doesn't seem so long.

Because Delta flies to Sydney and we like to use miles, we stopped over to see James' cousin and his wife (and also get over the jet lag a bit). 

We took a fun bus ride to Bondi Beach one morning and walked along the ocean. The surfers were amazing and the weather was to die for. 

Australians are very laid back and friendly. We were surprised at how raucous they can be, however. Haha! They love life and we saw tons of people walking around in bare feet. 

I've read about the Icebergs Club at Bondi Beach and have always wanted to eat there. James thought it was pretentious but I loved the atmosphere. We were able to get a lunch reservation and sipped champagne while overlooking the water! 


Unknown said...

There's always lots in storage when you visit the Northern Beaches of Sydney, although I don't see how you can call being barefoot at a beach laid-back. It's rather common sense if you don't want sand in your shoes right?

Unknown said...

It's wonderful to come to Sydney isn't it? Glad that you guys had a good time. Hope that you packed lots of fun memories and pictures into storage that'll remind you to come back and visit again soon!