Wineries in Hawkes Bay

Sunday, 14 December 2014
*Note: There are many discrepancies on the spelling of Hawkes Bay. Is it Hawke's Bay (possessive of Hawke) or Hawkes Bay? I'm still not sure so please excuse the mistake if it is one...

There are 72 wineries in the area of Hawkes Bay on the Northern island of New Zealand. On our trip we visited several of them: Elephant Hill, Craggy Range, The Mission, Clearview, and Vidal.

James and I have only been wine tasting together once before in Uruguay so we were looking forward to trying some amazing wine. New Zealand has an excellent climate for many varieties of grapes and you’ve probably seen some of the options on wine menus in the states. I would encourage you to try them!

We bought a few bottles to take home with us and now our suitcases are pretty heavy. At Clearview, we loved the red dessert wine Sea Red. There are hardly any red dessert wines in the world so we had to take one home. It is sweet, as to be expected, but at 17% alcohol, once opened, the bottle will last a month. Our tasting expert suggested that we pour a bit in a flute, add a strawberry, and top it with sparkling wine. Yum!

Elephant Hill was also a great winery with spectacular views. We ate lunch here one day and the menu is creative and fantastic. (That will have to be a separate post). 

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