January on Bald Head Island

Tuesday, 6 January 2015
Mom and dad went to Bald Head Island last week and invited James and I to join them. We were able to get away for the weekend and we all stayed in a lovely house on the golf course. Even though it was January, we enjoyed temperatures in the 60s and the sun came out two of the three days we were there.

James and I took a long walk to the Old Baldy lighthouse (established in 1817) and marveled at the structure that has stood strong for so many years. The walk was enjoyable and we listened to the sounds of the island as we strolled.

During the off-season Bald Head Island is even quieter and more private than usual. We saw only a few golf carts each day and even on the beach, we didn’t see a single other person.

Mom and I went to the beach one afternoon to walk and loved feeling the sun on our faces. Rather than people, we saw quite a bit of nature: dolphins, pelicans surfing the thermals over the water, and lines of hundreds of migratory birds.

The four of us took a walk on the golf course (near hole 11) around 4:00 one afternoon and spooked a huge Blue Heron. It squawked its displeasure at us and landed in a far-off tree. Once we walked past the tree, the heron circled back to its original perch by the lagoon. As we walked back to the house on the golf course, we started seeing medium-sized bats dart and dip through the sky. They were feeding on insects and their quick acrobatics were fascinating to watch.

One of the best parts of the weekend for me was riding a bike around the island. I biked in the forest as well as along the beach. There aren’t many hills on the island so riding is easy and the bikes were simple to use. My thighs pumped hard while I road into the wind and the light spray from the ocean felt refreshing against my face.

On the day before James and I were set to leave the island, the power went out. Apparently a barge with a crane snagged some power lines on the main land and the entire island was without power. Luckily the house we were staying in had a gas fireplace as well as a gas grill with propane! We lit candles, grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, sipped wine and even went for a walk on the beach under a full moon. That was truly a magical experience. We could see our shadows on the sand and loved seeing the light sparkle on the ocean. I can’t wait to go back.

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