Camp Kigelia and Elephants in Ruaha National Park

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Our next camp was Kigelia in Ruaha National Park. This camp was rustic but beautiful. The above photo is of the lobby area of the camp. This is where we would share community meals with the other guests. We also had the option to dine out under the stars for dinner as a couple.

In this camp we took showers using a bucket hoisted in the air. The water would run for about six minutes and was warm but not hot. Campers have to bathe quickly!

We learned quiet a bit about elephants from our guide and camp manager Ken. In the dry season it is difficult for animals to get water. The elephants will poke their trunks through the sand in the river to drink. The water is filtered through the sand and they like fresh water.

Elephants also strip the bark off of Baobab trees in order to get moisture and nutrients. Their trunks have hundreds of thousand of muscles in order to pull bark off of trees and roots from the ground.

I created a video showing the elephants. 

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