Sand Rivers in Selous near the Rufiji River

Friday, 2 October 2015

Sand Rivers is a "rustic" camp but out of those in Tanzania that are sort of off the grid - this one is very nice. (See the above photo of the "lobby" of the camp and another picture of the bar area.) The rooms were completely open and there were plenty of bugs and lizards inside. The trails of ants threw me off a little bit but the feeling of being one with nature in an open space was special. Here's a look at the accommodations:

It was hot during the day in September and in the camp there is no air conditioning. In the middle of the day when there are no activities (it is just too hot) we just laid on our bed under the ceiling fan with wet washcloths on ourselves!

The first day the lion viewing was amazing. There were three lions resting after eating part of a buffalo. We also saw a pair of lions walking near the water. This is an excellent camp for hippos. I couldn’t even count them there are so many. There are also great impala, giraffe and crocodiles.

Sand Rivers camp is set on the river and it has an AMAZING pool. It is one of the best I’ve seen in a camp. It’s made from stone and is filled by pumping it from the river. There are trees around it and using binoculars, I watched a black-faced vervet monkey eating small yellow berries of some sort! There was also a Nile Monitor Lizard patrolling the pool area. Her name is Mala.

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