Walking Outside in the Fall

Tuesday, 20 October 2015
I've really been enjoying this time of year. After we got back from Africa, I was dealing with jet lag so I began going on early morning walks. Stores aren't open at that time of day (5am), it is too early for work, and no one is answering emails so it is the perfect time to exercise.

I try to walk for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week. I did three miles yesterday but caught a stomach bug last night and have been stuck in bed today. Guess what I'm most upset about? Not being able to take a walk on Bald Head Island (I'm here visiting my parents). Yesterday the sun was shining and the sky was blue. I startled a deer in the brush beside the road and I watched an Osprey hunting over the march.

Walking is not only an amazing way to be an up-close witness to nature, it is also a great way to breathe deeply and and find happiness. (Vitamin D and being in the sunshine certainly helps with that too.) In order to stay accountable and keep a record of the distances I'm covering each day, I use the MapMyWalk app from the iTunes store. It is simple, and free, and sometimes I'll pull up music or NPR news as well to have something to listen to.

Try it! I walked more than seven miles last week at a pace of about 17:30 minutes per mile and this week (if I start feeling better) I will beat my record. Forgot to check on my progress the week before but that's the handy part about using the app - it records the information for you. I haven't weighed myself to see if this is having an impact but it really doesn't matter. I can already tell that the walking is helping my mood and frame of mind. Plus - it will be pretty cold soon so let's take advantage of these crisp, cool, mornings. I like to keep a look out for birds of all sorts, changing leaves, and wild animal tracks on the driveways.


LizP said...

Wow, 17:30 minutes per mile, that's quite a pace! I was happy when mine went below 19 minutes (for one day) :-)

Denae said...

Liz - I've been trying to speed up a bit. My dad walks 15 minute miles. Sheesh!

LizP said...

It's a goal to aspire to! My first goal was to be able to include the last cul-de-sac on our street (it's at the top of the hill) and I did it last night! It added a whopping .06 miles to my walk ;-)