Oyster Roast at BHI Market

Monday, 7 December 2015
We tried something new this year while on Bald Head Island during November. Mom booked four tickets for us to go to the oyster roast put on by the Maritime Market. It was a blast!

Chef Chip steamed oysters and shrimp, and patrons could also order lobster! I've been thinking about trying to do my own oyster roast at home (if we can find semi-fresh oysters in Ohio) and the tips on how to shuck them are plentiful on Pinterest.

Obviously you would have to check with your guests about allergies to seafood and shellfish but the presentation at the oyster roast we went to seemed super simple. Chef just steamed the shrimp and oysters until they were ready then dumped them onto a table covered with cookie sheets. (I'm sure newspaper or butcher paper would work just as well.) We also had little buckets on our tables for the shells and shrimp skins. Those were dumped in a compost pile and the clean up seemed pretty easy. 

The buffet line went quickly and someone came around with hush puppies as a hand-passed appetizer before the main course. A cute idea for a meal - especially if you can host it outside. There was also BBQ chicken and pulled pork for those who do not eat seafood and the sides were of course beans and slaw.

Guests could BYOW and we just grabbed a couple of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blancs from inside the market. They were on sale for just $12.99. Not bad! 

James and I left after eating the main course to try to get in some photos before the sun went down but mom and dad sampled dessert - banana pudding. I need a good recipe to try as I adore banana pudding! 

Have you ever tried an oyster roast? Any tips?

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