Whale watching off the coast of Kona

Saturday, 30 January 2016
James and I flew to the Big Island of Hawaii because my father had a work convention that my mother, brother (also works in the industry) and his girlfriend were attending. We went a few days early to explore the island and have fun before meetings began.

One morning we got up early for a whale watching trip aboard the SV Inspire with Hawaii Island Sailing. We were so happy with the experience our Captain Elaine and crew member Cassidy provided. We set out at 8am and even though there was a surf advisory, after we were out of the harbor, the ride was smooth and peaceful. We found Humpback whales immediately and rode along side a group of three for an hour and a half. It was spectacular.

The group we watched included a female with a calf and a male "escort." While it seems bizarre - apparently this is how it works in the world of the Humpback. The male is not necessarily the father of the calf. He is just there to make sure the female and offspring are safe going through shallow waters while nursing. The calves drink 100 gallons (!!) of milk each day.

We also enjoyed sailing. The sails are hoisted when the wind is strong enough and then the captain cut the engine. We just glided along and listened to the peaceful sounds of the surf. Spectacular! 

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