Green turtles in Hawaii

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

If you happen to be a huge sea turtle fan like me (my first love was the Loggerhead on Bald Head Island) then you will enjoy seeing the Green Turtle on the beaches near Kona. We stayed at the Four Seasons on the big island and one of the staff members told us that the best place to see these creatures on the resort property is near Kings Pond (a saltwater pool with many species of fish). We were lucky enough to see three during our stay. 

We had an even better spotting of these wonderful creatures after our trip out on the sailboat to see the Humpbacks. We then drove around the harbor and went to the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park. The beaches there are beyond gorgeous and I wish I would have brought my snorkel gear! 

The turtles bask on the lava rock and look like dry stones. They especially like shallow lagoons. While walking on the beach you can wander out into the water up to your shins and see turtles chilling in the sun. 

My best Green Turtle experience occurred on our last day in Hawaii. We were staying at the Hilton so we could be closer to the airport and spend a little time with family (the guys had a convention to attend). The resort has a beautiful open-ocean pool where guests can snorkel. On Monday I was prepared and had my snorkel gear at the ready. Mom and Haylee (my brother's partner) were walking away from our cabana when Haylee ran back to get her camera. There was a huge Green Turtle in the water! I grabbed my gear, ran down the hill and raced out into the water like a cheesy Baywatch lifeguard. I was lucky enough to snorkel beside this creature (just the two of us) for 20 minutes. The turtle ate flowers from the surface of the water near some trees and just glided along beautifully. Sea turtles are so elegant in the water. It was an exhilarating experience and I will remember it always.