My first curry - a bust!

Saturday, 19 March 2016
Research is going well but I won't bore you with that right now.

Now to my first love (besides James, of course, and the kitties) I've been stressing out about making curry for James. That's the traditional dish in Sri Lanka of course and every part of the country does it a bit differently. People in India have a different way of doing curry as well. After watching a few "easy chicken curry" videos on YouTube, I gave it a try.

Here are the videos that I learned from:

Please feel free to try the above recipes and let me know how you fare. We purchased pre-made roasted curry powder that I used in the dish. I chopped up red onion, three cloves of garlic, a bit of celery root (I thought it was flat leaf parsley when I bought it but I didn't want to waste it) and a small tomato.

First, I put oil in the pan and added the onion, stirring the entire time until it was golden brown. Then I added the garlic and ginger powder, still stirring. When those elements were cooked and starting to meld, I added one Tablespoon of the roasted curry powder. Stirring... still stirring. Once that seemed to be coated and cooked, next I added the tomato and continued to stir until all of the ingredients formed a sort of paste. This was all over medium heat.

I added the marinated chicken pieces (marinade: olive oil, salt, pepper, little bit of lime juice) and about 3/4 cup water. That simmered for at least 15 minutes. Next, I added the coconut milk (it was at room temperature) and simmered the mixture for another 10 minutes.

We both agreed that the taste just wasn't that great. HA! I'm going to try again, however, and this time use curry powder that is not roasted. I will also use fresh ginger and use more of curry powder than this time. It is a learning process for sure.

I also had no earthly idea how to use the rice cooker that is supplied with our apartment. It is so super easy but if you've never used one, and there's no instruction manual, how would you know? Luckily I found this awesome video of a woman teaching her younger sister how to use one:

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