The River House, Balapitiya, Sri Lanka

Monday, 28 March 2016
As far as luxury properties go in the world, The River House is a fairly special spot.

Disclaimer: I may not qualify "luxury" in the proper way. I don't need a bidet in the bathroom. French cheese is nice but not paramount for me in a dining experience, and I appreciate a nice wine collection but if there is something decent to drink, I don't get too fussy.

Therefore, your opinion of this place might be different than mine but allow me to show you the simple but chic and refined accommodations and tell you about the impeccable service. This is the balcony to our room that overlooked the Madhu River and had a private plunge pool:

Also when it comes to this sort of privacy and decor, I was shocked at the affordable (relatively speaking) price. Sri Lanka is great cost for value but you have to find the right places. The River House with its great location on the water (this is not a beach property mind you), fresh food, and amazing attention to detail was a lovely weekend respite from the hot, busy streets of Colombo. 

The mattresses in Sri Lanka are about the thickness of two pizza boxes stacked up and they are FIRM. The people believe that a thin, firm mattress is good for the body - so we're adjusting. Literally. 

The bathroom had a "wet shower" walk-out to the plunge pool so you didn't have to drip water all over the veranda. 

I should have photographed more of the inventive dishes but for lunch the first day we were served on our private porch. I tried the cold cucumber, yogurt soup with mint infused oil and garnish. I also had the grilled prawns with mango and fresh greens and pepper salad. The dishes were perfectly seasoned. 

The next morning we went out on a river tour of the islands in the area and experienced first hand a Buddhist monk blessing, the production process of cinnamon by a local woman, and a fish farm growing fish for market. I'll tell you about the excursion in another post. 

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