Fort Galle: European(ish) in Sri Lanka

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Fort Galle is probably the most "European" style city in Sri Lanka. The Portuguese first came to this area in the 1400s but it was taken over and settled by the Dutch. There is a huge stone wall surrounding this small city and partitions the city from the sea. Almost everyone you see on the streets here is from the UK, US, Germany, or China. The city of Galle, where locals live, is just a short walk down the hill through one of two huge stone arches. 

Here, unlike most areas of Sri Lanka, there are restaurants in abundance with English menus and alcoholic beverage for sale. There are several hotels with nice dining areas around an outdoor pool. The lighthouse is beautiful but difficult to capture without thick, black electric lines in the foreground.

When James and I visited, it was a Friday and some sort of field trip day for local schools. The girls are all dressed in their while school uniforms usually with braids and red ribbons. The vendors here tried to get them to buy sweets with their pocket money. They were willing!

Our hotel had a nice view over the city and we enjoyed watching the sun warm the terra-cotta tiles on the roofs nearby. I would certainly recommend Fort Galle as a stop on a visit to Sri Lanka.

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