She takes a tuk tuk

Friday, 8 April 2016
This post will contain generalities that may not apply to all tuk tuk drivers in Sri Lanka. However, I've been here for more than a month and as a passenger, I've observed some interesting driving techniques.

The drivers of the gas-powered three wheelers are absolutely fearless and have lightening-fast reflexes. In just four weeks of being in Sri Lanka, this is what I've witnessed:

1. Tuk tuk driver running a red light.
2. Tuk tuk driver hitting a motorcyclist (no injuries or damage to property).
3. Tuk tuk driver hitting a truck's right side mirror.
4. Tuk tuk driver narrowly missing pedestrians in crosswalk (everyday, all day).
5. Tuk tuk driver driving on the wrong side of the road to pass others on while there is oncoming traffic, on a busy street.
6. Tuk tuk driver ramping one wheel onto a "sidewalk" to drive around others.
7. Tuk tuk driver speeding around bus on the right to have the bus veer suddenly into our lane, almost hitting us.

I could go on. It really takes all of my willpower to not scream at least once while riding in traffic in a tuk tuk in Colombo but it certainly is exciting.

Here's a look at what it is like to hail and ride in a tuk tuk to the Fulbright Commission office from my apartment:

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