Ulgalla Resort: built for the British dignitaries

Sunday, 17 April 2016
We took a weekend away to discover animals at the Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka and stayed at a nice place, Ulgalla Resort. It was built originally for British dignitaries and the grounds are developed and well kept. There is a large, beautiful pool for the guests. I took this shot at sunset so everyone was back in their rooms getting ready for dinner. 
The villas each had a private plunge pool and due to the intense heat during the day, it is almost impossible to stay cool. Even with the air conditioning pumping away inside, it was cooler to just hang out in the water outside. The plunge pools are private and I listened to monkeys and birds in the trees above me.
We didn't spend much time at the resort because we wanted to go on game drives and the park was an hour and 15 minutes drive one way. If you are serious about game drives, I wouldn't recommend staying here but as it is one of the only "luxury" resorts nearby (read: Westernized) and we were thankful for the air conditioning during the hot afternoons. 

One night I walked to the main house for dinner (the property is so spread out that people usually ask for golf carts for transport) and toured the organic garden. The layout was creative and the gardener used natural materials to section off the areas for the different plants.
I'm getting excited about seeing the progress that my father-in-law is making in our garden at home! We live next to them so we are doing a "community" garden this year. I thought the coconut shells being used to line the beds (photo above) was beautiful and a creative use of natural resources.

The next post will show some of the amazing animals and birds that we were able to see at Wilpattu (sadly, no leopards). I've noticed that a lot of the landscaping in Sri Lanka (outside of Colombo) centers around a water feature of some kind. This small pool is for wildlife only but we watched the fish, frogs, and birds enjoy it.


Unknown said...

I love reading your post! It looks like an amazing adventure. What is the average temperature there? I'm wondering becuase your descriptions remind me of how hot it is here(in Houston) during the summer. But of course we have AC and stay indoors for the month of August, lol.

Denae said...

Katie! Thank you for commenting! It is 90-92F everyday. That isn't THAT bad but we are very close to the equator here so the sun is INTENSE and what we didn't count on was the 90% humidity so even inside, with the A/C on (wall machines) we sometimes feel like slugs. LOL.