Camping in Kumana National Park

Wednesday, 18 May 2016
While in Sri Lanka we have made a point to visit as many national parks as possible. There are 22 in and we have been to five of them. Tour company Ayu in the Wild was able to arrange a unique, intimate experience for James and I. We camped IN Kumana National Park one weekend.
On the trip, we booked a camping stay with Xtreme Nature Tours, a Sri Lankan company. The camp director, Chris Perera, and his father Shirley (who was once a park ranger) started the tours because of their passion for wildlife. They set up our campsite along the beautiful Kumbuck River and this was our view from our campsite (below).
The trip was unique because out of all of the national parks in Sri Lanka, people are only allowed to camp in Kumana. Also, there is, as of now, only one company that sets up sites in the park - Xtreme Nature Tours. Chris told us that they are quite selective on who they agree to take on safari. They prefer to deal with nature lovers and not "partiers." I'm glad we fooled them! ;)
Do note that there are no alcoholic beverages during the camping trip and of course no wifi and no cell service. We only missed a cold beer while walking in the river in the heat of the day (we camped for three nights) but we indulged in some of the books in the library. By the way, check out the library below. Isn't that cool?
It is my fault that the photos don't exactly capture the amazing beauty of the site (my shots are a bit dark) but the sun is harsh even at 10am!

The camp "crew" works like a well-oiled machine. Do you know that we had some of the BEST food in our entire stay in Sri Lanka thus far at this camp!? We were in the middle of nowhere so how did they do gourmet food!?

Also, we had stand up showers with no "hot" water but it was warm from the river. Trust me - because we picked the hottest time of the year to camp - a "cool" shower was amazing!
The wildlife on our drives was spectacular. We photographed leopards, deer, mongoose, jackals, raptors, water birds, wild board, wild buffalo. Can't wait to share the pictures in my next post. 

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