Stretching into the Present

Saturday, 25 June 2016
This week on Bald Head Island I was fortunate to take a private yoga lesson with Betsy of Bald Head Island Yoga. She was amazing and challenged me to try new poses and gave me tips on upping my vinyasa and warrior poses. Then I attended a group lesson at the Shoal's Club that is hosted on the observation deck overlooking the ocean. It was a magical, cleansing experience. I feel like we've all had to face bad vibes recently (politics, shootings, division) and I'm trying to look up.
Do you ever feel like there is just too much negativity in your life? I can certainly look at the bad things (and yes there are bad things in everyone's life) and get pretty down. What am I doing with my career? Are we going to have a family? If so when? How am I going to lose 20 pounds? Will we ever find a house that is perfect for us? How can I be in two places at once? How can I make this person happy? When can I find time to do what I want to do? Add your own questions here...

Yoga has helped me deal with negativity by realizing - I can only control myself and how I react to negativity. I'm learning that yoga practice has a lot to do with balance. It is easier to balance in poses by engaging your core (squeezing your abs) and breathing in and out, steadily. You also have to set a solid foundation by pressing your heel into the mat and spreading your toes. 

One of the meditations that I heard last week had to do with the fight or flight phenomenon. On the mat you can either fight the pose and be miserable, fly out of the pose and give up, or stay and BREATHE. Instead of being reactionary, I'm trying to get to the space that says, "I don't know what's next, but right now I'm fine and I'm going to breathe." In life, I'm going to spread my toes and feel the foundation of age, some wisdom, and compassion that I already have. I can't force others to be kind or make plans for the future, or give me a job, etc., but I CAN control how I face it all. With grace? That's what I'm striving for on the mat and off. It isn't easy, but yoga helps - even for an hour - I quiet my mind, breathe, and stretch into the present moment. 

Gators and other wildlife on Bald Head Island

Monday, 20 June 2016
This is a big boy that we found on the golf course. He was chilling on the lagoon bank and didn't like it when we walked up (not too close mind you). He started moving to the water and slid in. The red that you see on the grass is a line for golfers. (I'm worried that someone will think it is blood - LOL.) 
Alligators are pretty cool creatures. Like crocodiles, they will sit outside the water and open their mouths to warm up. Gators were almost once extinct but they've made a great recovery. They've received bad press lately but they are interesting to watch (from afar).
The Bald Head Island Conservancy arranges some interesting tours and educational programs regarding nature on the island. We went on a birding tour that takes patrons to the Ibis Sanctuary to see White Ibis and their "chicks." The Ibis are on the right in the above photo and the bird on the left is a Great Egret. 
This was a fun experience because even after going to the island for 15 years, I've never been to the Ibis Sanctuary. It is located in Middle Island and the residents of that part of the island have exclusive access to the protected area. We were able to visit with the conservancy intern after paying a small fee for the tour.
Aren't Great Egrets majestic? I just love their beautiful plumage. The educational intern with us (Elizabeth) explained that Great Egrets were hunted for their amazing feathers and almost became extinct in the 1900s. This sparked some of the first movements to protect birds.
The highlight of the tour was seeing the colorful Painted Bunting (above). I'm including a photo from so that you can see the bird more closely. Can you believe the vivid red, blue, and green feathers? We now know their distinctive call so we have been watching for them around our house.

Still yoga-ing around

Wednesday, 15 June 2016
In any situation in which you've taken yourself to a new place with passion and purpose, you are living as a yogi.    - Baron Baptiste

I've continued practicing yoga in my back yard with my mentor, Leah. We rolled out our mats yesterday morning and my neighbor Sally joined us. She is going to start private lessons at her house on the weekends so we might try to combine our efforts.

The poses are getting easier and my "flow" is becoming better in Sun Salutation A and B. I am not able to "jump" to my hands after downward dog yet - but that's okay. The great thing about yoga is that you can always improve and challenge yourself. I have discovered that I'm still flexible from my days of dancing and in yoga "flexible" is called "having space."

With each pose in the Baptiste practice, you are to consider Strength and Ease. For instance, if you are in chair pose, allow your shoulders to melt down your back and soften your arms. That's the Ease of the pose. The Strength comes from the grounded position you have in your feet, pressing your heels into the mat and sitting back farther with each breath.

I've also become more aware of my breathing, even when I am not on the yoga mat. Deep breathing in and out of the nose helps the blood flow, oxygen get to our brain, and our body relax. Anyone can try this part of yoga, even at your desk in your office. Just breathe in and out through your nose slowly and concentrate on relaxing your shoulders. This exercise helps us be "present" and notice the tension that we carry around. I am fairly tense and yoga is helping me realize that and begin to let go of negative energy. 

Searching for joy

Monday, 13 June 2016
When life is horribly depressing and you cannot understand the hate and ignorance that leads to mass murder in your own country, sometimes you have to search for joy in the small things. I sat for just a minute yesterday morning and watched the birds having breakfast in our back yard. The American Goldfinches come often and I snapped this shot of the male and his mate dining together.
I wasn't able to get a great picture of the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds that visit because the morning light was just coming over the house. They were there, however, and I admired their feisty spirit and beautiful colors.
The male and female Cardinals that have been around for a while have youngsters and they are also learning how to eat at the feeder.
This is a sad week. James and I talked last night about feeling powerless to do anything to change hate, murder, and ignorance in this world. We'd love to get away from political rhetoric - on both sides and understand what a true solution would be to stop these mass shootings. Banning a "religion" from getting in the country? What if terrorists just pose as another "religion?" That won't stop a murderer. Banning assault rifles? Increasing background checks? These sound like reasonable measures but will they work?
Perhaps the spirits of those who were killed in Orlando live on in other ways. A friend posted on social media recently that there was an abundance of fireflies in her backyard. I'll continue to search for the joy in this world and if I can't find it, I'll watch the birds, wishing peace for those who have suffered great loss. 

Yoga in the yard

Tuesday, 7 June 2016
When I moved to Sri Lanka, one of my goals was to get serious about yoga. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, it isn't easy to find a private yoga instructor in Colombo or a yoga practice that is open to foreigners. (I'm not saying they aren't out there but I couldn't find one.)

While I was still there, sort of out of frustration, I reached out to my friend Leah who owns Balanced Yoga in Columbus, Ohio. She is certified through the Baptiste Institute (I had no idea what that meant when we started lessons) and she agreed to work with me! We are meeting twice a week for private lessons and then I'll likely move into classes at the studio. I've always enjoyed yoga but I lack confidence in the poses and knowledge about the practice.

The beginning of yoga for me was watching YouTube videos for beginners and attempting poses without interaction. It was difficult to stay motivated with no feedback. Then, I practiced yoga as an add-on after or before cardio at a large, generic gym located at an outdoor shopping center. The classes were fun but huge and the teachers were talented but I felt no attachment to the process and a lack of community. There wasn't a way to connect with others. The teachers were usually different so as a beginner I found it difficult to build a proper foundation for the practice.

We are changing that!

Leah has suggested that I try the Baptiste style of yoga. I am learning about the concepts and thought process that goes into finding "power" through practicing. Part of the learning process is journaling about the experience. I thought I'd share on my blog.

So far, I've learned that my body is stronger than I thought! I love doing yoga outside on my back deck with the trees swaying and the birds sining. I am also more mindful - but I'm only a week in.

My favorite pose is: Tree pose. The hardest pose for me is: Chaturanga into Upward Dog but Leah taught me to try "knees, chest, chin" out of the plank and then go into a Low Cobra. I'm sure that doesn't mean anything to a lot of people but the point is that I'm still "flowing" in Sun Salutation A but adapting the poses until I am stronger. I feel stronger everyday!

Doha airport = Are you kidding me?

Monday, 6 June 2016
I wish I would have taken more photos of the inside of the Doha airport. The jewelry stores are amazing. Every top designer that you can imagine has a store there. We also noticed people taking photos in front of a bright blue McLaren sports car. Wow! 

Once we made it to the Qatar Airways business lounge (Al Moujan Business Lounge) I broke out my camera and got some shots. Absolutely amazing! Below is just one of the "restaurants" in the lounge. You can see the chef in the background and if you choose to dine at one of the marble tables, you can take in the fresh scents of real herbs. 
You order from a set menu in the "Bistro" on the first floor and pay NOTHING for your food. The experience is all part of the lounge experience. I ordered a smoked salmon sandwich.
If you happen to have children with you, there are several game rooms that are enclosed and they can run and play. 
There are even green spaces inside the lounge. I liked this area but couldn't believe that have a real grove of bushes growing. 
Some of the seating is also made of natural fibers which gives the huge space a warm feeling.
 This beautiful sculpture is at the entrance of the business lounge. I was shocked at the height.
 Yes there's a water feature in the lounge. This one shot small fountains throughout and the small splashes sent ripples that glittered on the ceiling. I imagine this is what heaven looks like. Haha!