Doha airport = Are you kidding me?

Monday, 6 June 2016
I wish I would have taken more photos of the inside of the Doha airport. The jewelry stores are amazing. Every top designer that you can imagine has a store there. We also noticed people taking photos in front of a bright blue McLaren sports car. Wow! 

Once we made it to the Qatar Airways business lounge (Al Moujan Business Lounge) I broke out my camera and got some shots. Absolutely amazing! Below is just one of the "restaurants" in the lounge. You can see the chef in the background and if you choose to dine at one of the marble tables, you can take in the fresh scents of real herbs. 
You order from a set menu in the "Bistro" on the first floor and pay NOTHING for your food. The experience is all part of the lounge experience. I ordered a smoked salmon sandwich.
If you happen to have children with you, there are several game rooms that are enclosed and they can run and play. 
There are even green spaces inside the lounge. I liked this area but couldn't believe that have a real grove of bushes growing. 
Some of the seating is also made of natural fibers which gives the huge space a warm feeling.
 This beautiful sculpture is at the entrance of the business lounge. I was shocked at the height.
 Yes there's a water feature in the lounge. This one shot small fountains throughout and the small splashes sent ripples that glittered on the ceiling. I imagine this is what heaven looks like. Haha!

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