Still yoga-ing around

Wednesday, 15 June 2016
In any situation in which you've taken yourself to a new place with passion and purpose, you are living as a yogi.    - Baron Baptiste

I've continued practicing yoga in my back yard with my mentor, Leah. We rolled out our mats yesterday morning and my neighbor Sally joined us. She is going to start private lessons at her house on the weekends so we might try to combine our efforts.

The poses are getting easier and my "flow" is becoming better in Sun Salutation A and B. I am not able to "jump" to my hands after downward dog yet - but that's okay. The great thing about yoga is that you can always improve and challenge yourself. I have discovered that I'm still flexible from my days of dancing and in yoga "flexible" is called "having space."

With each pose in the Baptiste practice, you are to consider Strength and Ease. For instance, if you are in chair pose, allow your shoulders to melt down your back and soften your arms. That's the Ease of the pose. The Strength comes from the grounded position you have in your feet, pressing your heels into the mat and sitting back farther with each breath.

I've also become more aware of my breathing, even when I am not on the yoga mat. Deep breathing in and out of the nose helps the blood flow, oxygen get to our brain, and our body relax. Anyone can try this part of yoga, even at your desk in your office. Just breathe in and out through your nose slowly and concentrate on relaxing your shoulders. This exercise helps us be "present" and notice the tension that we carry around. I am fairly tense and yoga is helping me realize that and begin to let go of negative energy. 

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