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Thursday, 19 January 2017
I'm glad I started teaching again (News Writing 220 at Northern Kentucky University) because I'm already learning things from my students. One bright young woman has a passion for writing and asked to talk to me after class. She shared some of her work and I told her to stay consistent... keep writing! Decent advice, right? Except that I'm not following it myself. I haven't blogged in two months.

I have a decent excuse (IMO): My second book, Land of Spice and Heat, A Fulbright Scholar's Sri Lankan Adventure is complete! I've published it in digital format through Pronoun, a hybrid self-publishing platform. You can order it here ($5.99) and read it on your iPad or Kindle. The print version of the book is in production and should be available in approximately a month. The company just contacted me today to say that the proof has shipped. I can't believe it.

The book shares my experience as a Fulbright scholar in Sri Lanka. I lived there for three months with my husband while I conducted research on journalists who covered the civil war there. The book doesn't discuss my research but instead provides information on travel, assimilating to another culture, and gives tips and hints for other Fulbrighters and college students who may travel for educational purposes.
Sri Lanka produces hundreds of vegetables and fruits. This is a market stand in Galle.

All of that is to say that I've been busy. Writing, editing, and publishing a book with a skeleton team takes a lot of time. I have the time but that means my blog has been on the back burner. No more! I need to keep writing - for my own sanity at least. What's new with you?

It was usually 100F and 90% humidity in Sri Lanka. The women used umbrellas to keep the sun off of their faces.

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