Tasting at Domaine Carneros (Taittinger in Napa Valley)

Wednesday, 5 April 2017
Domaine Carneros in Napa Valley may be my favorite winery in Napa Valley (but I love sparking wine).
The house has produced sparkling wine since 1988, using the traditional method - just like champagne - but it cannot be called "champagne" because it is a place, not a wine. We tried several sparking wines.
We tried the Estate Brut Cuvee – “cuvee” means “blend.” It had aromas of lemon zest, grapefruit, golden hay, floral notes of delicate grape flowers. I really liked the subtleness of this blend.

The Blanc de Noir is a “white” sparkling wine from a “black” pinot noir grape. Luscious notes of honey, baked pear, toasted pie crust, and lime zest. This one was a bit too dry for me.
We both like the Brut Rose which had vibrant fruit floral notes of wild strawberries and hints of pear. James loved this one and thinks he can find it on wine.com. Although as we continued tasting, we decided to become members of the wine club because it is free to join, and we can get sparkling wines delivered to Ohio that we cannot get elsewhere.

I enjoy dessert wine rather than actual dessert so the Vermeil Demi-sec – pronounced “vehr – MAY” was lovely. This is a sweeter sparkling wine with aromas of orange blossom, citrus, baked pears and vanilla, with a long, creamy finish.
At Domaine Carneros, there are generous tasting options overlooking the valley. The views are lovely even though there is quite a bit of traffic noise.

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