Exploring the Tetons and Yellowstone

Monday, 18 September 2017
This wildlife in the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park is pretty amazing. James and I have been trying to get to more national and state parks this year and we really enjoyed this part of the country. (Obligatory photo by the sign below.)

James is fairly serious about wildlife photography and I get excited when I am able to capture decent video of creatures so we were up between 5 and 5:30 a.m. each day. It was chilly but we bundled up and hit the road before dawn. I drove and James watched for animals. 

During one outing in Yellowstone with a guide, we ran into this gorgeous female Grizzly. She was walking along the side of the highway. Look at those shoulders! We were lucky to get great lighting and she didn't pay much attention to us. (I shot this with a long lens so it looks like I'm closer to her than I actually am.)

On the same drive, as we were tooling along, I thought I saw a grey-ish four legged animal in the distance, we pulled over and sure enough - this gorgeous coyote was trotting along. It has such a gorgeous coat.

Our most rare encounter with an animal occurred in the Tetons. One late afternoon, we were able to locate this Cinnamon Bear (variety of black bear) in the area where locals believe it dens. It is an amazing red-ish brown color.

Something to be aware of when traveling there in the summer months is the absolute mayhem of people. Take a look at this group of photographers and tourists trying to get a shot of a black bear. Finally a ranger had to come out and tell everyone to move out of the road so people could drive through.

We preferred Teton over Yellowstone because it was much less crowded. Your best bet is to visit in May or September and avoid the summer crowds if possible. We hope to go back to visit in the winter time. 

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