Me? I Do Loves Some Weekend

Sunday, 26 July 2009
Yesterday went to Gervais to visit my friendly neighborhood hair stylist, Laura. I adore her and she is my favorite hair guru (besides my hubs). I didn't get a haircut but my color turned out perfectly (blond and medium blond).

Then last night I met up with my friend Seth and we went to "An Evening At the Chateau" at winery Chateau Lorane. The weather was hot but once the sun dipped behind the hills at 8pm, it was glorious. We sipped wine, ate a delicious dinner and contributed to ARC, a program which helps people with developmental disabilities and their families. I didn't win anything in the silent auction but made some contacts with viewers as this was a KVAL sponsored event.

Sunday I went to Chikara to get a head and neck massage with Amy. That is such a treat and our insurance pays a bit of the bill. She helped break up the toxins in my neck and shoulders and I'm drinking water now to flush it out. If you need a stress reliever this is a great one for less than $50 (I used part of a gift card yay!).

In a couple of hours, I'm heading to a Eugene tweetup that I arranged for Eugene Twitter users. Do you have a free Twitter account? If so, follow me at @Denae_D. We're heading to Villard Street Pub which is near campus.

What did you do this weekend?


Chris F. said...

I packed stuff for my move next weekend and went to a 15 year high school reunion at Cove Lake Park in Campbell County.

Denae said...

Good for you! I skipped my 10 year reunion.