Pacific Northwest Heat Wave

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

It was 24 degrees Celsius (75 F) when I was driving home last night after work at 11:45 p.m. The high is forecasted to be 105 today and it was 106 in Eugene yesterday. That. Is. Hot. If you live in a Southern, desert or Midwestern state, the heat is normal. It is not normal in Oregon. In fact, no one has air conditioning here. Similar to London, this part of the country rarely reaches temperatures beyond 100.

My job is great. I'm challenged to do new things. We debuted a brand new virtual set last night but as you do, I don't always want to go in and work. I am a creative soul (whatever). But now, I adore going into work because I can enjoy the air conditioning. It's amazing what you take for granted.

But when I get home, it is still prettttty warm, even at midnight. So, after enduring the heat for hours on Monday night, I got out of bed at 1:30 a.m. and went to the 24 hour Wal-mart. This is my respite (one of the last fans on the shelves):

How are you keeping cool?


Hey, Cute Guy said...

Hey Denae-

Cool news re: the virtual set. Is there any video of that uploaded anyplace? I'd love to see it...

Anonymous said...

I think the heat sounds fabulous - but not without air conditioning. Sleeping in the heat is awful. Guess you will enjoy our jaunt to the Westin next weekend!


Denae said...

Hi Aaron - haven't uploaded a clip yet but I'll do that ASAP and post it here.

CC - I cannot wait for wine, A/C, great company and good food. There will be no crying, either. Am I using this as an opp to buy a new dress? Yes, yes I am.

Delta Dawn said...

I'll admit, I did opt for a movie this week so I could sit in the air conditioned theater.

My favorite beat-the-heat story this week was from a co-worker who said he put his pillow in his refrigerator so it was cool when he tried to go to sleep...people really are getting desperate and it is hilarious.

Chris F. said...

Actually in Tennessee this summer, we've had nice temperatures and low humidity for a change. Nashville has seen its coolest temperatures in over 100 years. So keeping cool hasn't been a problem this year so far.