Gaudi's Works en la Passieg de Gracia

Sunday, 13 September 2009
La Passieg de Gracia is a main street in Barcelona, although not as well-known as La Rambla. On this street, you can find two of Antoni Gaudi's most famous works, La Pedrera and Casa Batllo.

La Pedrera is an apartment block with customized metal work on each balcony and an amazing wave pattern to define the facade.

Kingsley posed at one of Gaudi's many lamps in Barcelona. Gaudi was skilled with metal work and mosaic art which joined for modern pieces that inspired artists in the early 1900s.

Casa Batllo was also an amazing feat. Notice the haphazard (seemingly) mosaic work on the facade which also includes impressive metal work and balconies that resemble skulls. Gaudi took many of his models from nature: the human form, trees, vines, stones, shells and the ocean for its waves.

He seems to also be fascinated with the mouth. Many of his designs including La Sagrada Familia (huge church in Barcelona) make use of the form of an open mouth to show importance or bring focus to a piece.

At the end of a long day of sight seeing (we walked at least 6 miles round trip), we rewarded ourselves with cerveses in the plaza outside the Barcelona Cathedral. I ordered the beer and thought we were getting a pint each. Instead, I had asked for a LITER each. Sometimes the language barrier can cause minor problems. Thus, I had to drink my beer using two hands. Ha!


Ted Stryk said...

Anonymous said...

Drink up! Pics are beautiful. Looks like a great honeymoon. Sooo glad you got good weather.


Anonymous said...

wow - amazing architecture! How did they do that?
and what a beer! I am sure that was a mistake that ended up being a plus! haha
Glad you are having fun! Happy Honeymooning!

Anonymous said...

Glad everything is going well, keep posting so the fam knows you guys are alright. Looks like a very neat place. Love you Daddio

Denae said...

Thanks for the comments, friends. Barca will be difficult to leave but I have sand in everything - including my books! Back to rainy London tomorrow.