The Art Institute of Chicago

Friday, 30 October 2009
Be warned.  The Art Institute of Chicago is not cheap.  But at $18 per adult, be assured, you will see lovely Impressionist art and a thorough collection of modern art.  Casey took Mel and I to the museum after an impressive brunch at The Gage near Millennium Park.

I photographed some of my favorite works by the best artists (my opinion) there.  Hope you enjoy!

First up, is Pierre-Augusto Renior, Woman at the Piano, 1875.  Renior painted this when the upright piano was becoming popular to have in one's home.  I love the colors.

This is Vincent van Gogh's The Bedroom, 1889.  He painted this of his house where he had his "Studio of the South."  (If you are ever in Amsterdam, do not miss the van Gogh museum.)

Another favorite of the Impressionist period, is Claude Monet.  His Water Lily Pond, 1917, is one of my favorite works of his. The colors reflected on the water are amazing.  He painted this after the death of his wife and some time off from painting to deal with the pain.

And the odd ball painting of the day but incredibly moving... Ivan Albright's That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do (The Door), 1931.  The idea behind the painting is regret.  Live your life because when you are on your death bed you don't want to have regrets.  The door is mounted on a tomb and the flowers are for a funeral.  Albright's technique is amazing because he captures the look of aging.  The hand is elderly and the door is decaying.

Even though most of the works at the institute are paintings, there are also many sculptures and even furniture and household items that were impressive.  This Sitting Buddha was quite large and I'm sorry that I didn't write down details about it.


Chris F. said...

That is a place I will have to put on my list when I visit Chicago someday. I enjoyed the pictures.

Nan said...

Ah ........I just love that picture of the hand on the door...just made me feel the time is right to all the things I want to do !!!!!!Thanks for the reminder,love you, Nan

Denae said...

Yay - thanks, sweet Nan. That's what happened to me when I saw that one. Glad you were inspired too. Great to "chat" with you tonight. xoxo

Nan said...

Oh dear...I also forgot to tell you I have a close affinity to Vincent van Gogh...since I was !!!
( for 48 years)( hahaha)not sure if it is the hair!! or the name??, but I know the place where he picks his sunflowers!!